understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am very grateful, Gentlemen, for this opportunity to offer My Humble Promptings to you. Will you try to feel the Great Divine Director and Myself holding your hand for your achievement, for your freedom, for your success?

If you will call to your “Presence”, then call to Us or any of the Ascended Masters to give you added Strength and Courage until you come to the point where you sustain It yourself by your Call to the “Presence”, We gladly give It. We project a Light Ray to you. It makes no difference where We are, It will reach Us.

We do not want you to depend upon Us. You must call to your “Presence” first. Then if you need Assistance, the Ascended Masters gladly give It; but We cannot allow you to depend upon Us, or the same old condition will arise.

But as you call to your “Presence” first, then to Us, We give you the Courage and Strength until you begin to see or feel your own ability to make the Call; then the Power of your Victory is the Power of Light. Will you not see that?

Gentlemen, feel that We are Tangible! When you need Us, and Our Light Rays are projected to you, They are as Tangible as any physical thing. Try to feel that; and in that, you will have the Courage and Strength and Fearlessness to go forward dauntless and Victorious in everything.

I offer you My Love, My Gratitude, and Blessings that you care to listen to Me. If you will accept the Victory that has been charged into your feeling world today, I am sure you will awaken tomorrow morning quite a different being than you were today.

In the continuation of this day, in the Mighty Radiation that will be released into this room, feel the Victory of Life in you!

In the Name of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, the great number of Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light, the Great Cosmic Beings, and the Great Cosmic Light, I pour Their Blessing upon you that you may accept and feel the All-powerful Activity in your feeling world, your Dominion over your human self, and your positive determination to hold your feeling harmonious, that your Call to the “Presence” will fill your Life and being with the Perfection and Power of the “Presence” in that great, calm Serenity that allows Its Power of Light to be the Dominion in your body, in your Life, and in your activity.

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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