understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, Gentlemen, look not only for your achievement today in your individual conditions and even the freedom of mankind in America, but farther beyond that is the Goal!

Oh, that is only just a part of the Activity of Life; but in that Goal is the Freedom of all Life, your Ascension – forever Free from human limitations and re-embodiment. Until your Ascension is made, you will come again and again into the embodiment until that is done.

No human being in the World escapes it.

The wheel of birth and rebirth comes until mankind has made the Ascension; and remember, the human has nothing in the World to do with that except to acknowledge the God Presence, the “Mighty I AM” of all Life, keep their feelings harmonious, and keep giving attention to It.

The very Power of that Life anchored within your Heart begins Its Mighty Expansion; then as enough of that Life has expanded in the body, the Earth will lose its attraction for it; and by perfectly natural means and natural laws, the Power of Light of this “Presence” raises the purified body into the Higher Mental Body, then into Itself when you become the Ascended Being, wholly Free!

It is the most natural thing that ever existed in Life!

Life is the Power that does these things. Life is the Power that gives you financial success. Life is the Power that gives you happiness. Life is the Power that accomplishes everything that is done through the human form; and those who through arrogance and ignorance think that they have power in the human form, one day they find that mistake, and just at the height of their achievement, they lay that body down and cannot handle it any longer.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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