understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Minute Men of Saint Germain do Me great Honor, and now I shall say something startling to you. Today, the number of men who have come into this Activity could move the conditions of the Earth if you were in a position to gather together and issue these Mighty Decrees in one body.

The Minute Men who have already come into this Activity in America are sufficient to control conditions and bring Divine Justice everywhere in the industrial world and in the commercial world. You can govern conditions and dissolve all that causes distress and limitation in your Land. (Applause – audience rising)

Now Gentlemen, while you are on your feet, just let this Mighty, Infinite Power of the Victory of your Life, of Light, charge into your bodies and your feeling world, take Its Dominion there, and give you that Power and Enthusiasm, that Energy and Determination and Fearlessness that knows no opposition.

In that Power of Light, don’t rush physically into things, but stand calm and serene in the Call to your “Presence of Light”, and let that Mighty Fire of Life burn Its way before you in Its Mighty Power of Radiation.

Then when you physically move forward, you will find the way harmonious and clear for every human being who will give their attention to the Power of Life, call It into action, and harmonize their feeling. That is what I want you to do.

Gentlemen, do not minimize the feminine activity of Life. They are the feeling activity of the World, and the feminine activity represents that.

Now with their great cooperation in this great activity that America and the World needs today, as they charge forth – for instance, the Daughters of Light – as they charge forth their Mighty Decrees into the feeling world of mankind, think what that power or feeling will do in the mental and feeling world of mankind to awaken them and give them the Strength, Power, and Courage to issue these Mighty Decrees, and wake them up to act in the activity of the government.

Please be seated Gentlemen.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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