understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now let Me show you from the Retreat in Arabia; Chananda’s Home high in the Himalayas; from the Royal Teton in your own Blessed Country, and from South America come these Great Rays of Light focused into America, focused into Washington – and when I took the Messengers there this last time, an Achievement indescribable was accomplished.

I have recently walked the streets in Washington, D.C., in My Own Tangible Body, Visible to everybody – changing My Appearance so I was not recognized, of course – but when it is necessary I can, by that, charge forth the Energy to change the feeling of mankind.

With your cooperation, which is the Call of mankind for their Freedom from perishing, then the Ascended Masters, thousands of Them, stand ready to give Their Assistance and move among mankind.

One day, when things are harmonious enough, I will come forth in that Tangible Body and shake your hand and thank you for your cooperation and assistance for the Blessing mankind needs. (Applause) Do not question it for a second!

Just because you do not see Me, I plead with you, don’t think Me unreal or not tangible. I could, by raising My Hand, exert a Force in this room that would lift every one of you out of your seats; but what would be the good of it?

The Call for America, for Her Protection, and for your Freedom is the thing; then as you give attention to your “Presence”, Beloved Gentlemen, then all these other things will follow. Life produces everything, even in Precipitation; and all that, I am able to do. One day I shall spread a banquet table for you! (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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