understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is only one Power in the Universe that can ever make the people alert to these things. There is only one Power that can make them able to prevent such things. That is their Call to this Mighty Presence, the “Mighty I AM”! It will so prompt them and make them alert and on guard, that even by the feeling touching a man in the outer world, they will know the motive which is there.

That is what mankind needs today! There are thousands in America who are sufficiently sensitive in their feelings to detect the motive of an individual who comes with a destructive intent to your country.

Let Me tell you, Gentlemen, every agitator, for whatever pretext in America, is a claw of that sinister thing that has its hold upon Europe today, subtly in every conceivable pretext.

Look at the unions today in America that were once established to give assistance and were honorable – and look today! That sinister thing has driven in there. The blessed ones who are following the direction of that agitation do not see what they are being dragged into.

Now many are awakening to the thing that has driven in and deprived them, with no accomplishment in the world, depriving their families of food. The conditions of inharmony make for the destruction of the individual; yet no thing of any consequence can be achieved through that communistic element – only destruction.

Gentlemen, do not be deceived by it; and wherever you have an opportunity to put people right, try to do it.

Therefore, if it were not for the Divine Assistance that is endeavoring to give the Protection to America, America would have been in the throes of agony today. Make no mistake about it!

We know the time has come when mankind have to know the conditions they are facing, in order to understand and begin to call the Great Power of Light into action to dissolve and govern these conditions, which the human cannot possibly do.

There is no human in existence today that can ever achieve anything of any consequence without the Knowledge of this “Presence”, because Life has taken Its stand.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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