understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, Gentlemen, you have given all power to the outside world, to human beings, to conditions, to officials, to authorities, to everything but the Power that is the Governor of the Universe.

Now that does not mean that you should not give obedience to the laws of man, insofar as it is a convention; that is necessary to hold the human of mankind in check. But when it comes to the Activities and Power of Light, give your attention to the “Great Presence” that is the only Power that can make for you anything you desire.

The unfortunate thing – and of course it has been human creation that has driven mankind farther and farther away into the egotistical, silly, human nonsense that it was unmanly to acknowledge Deity, to acknowledge God. Gentlemen, that ignorant and silly thing is but a human being who says that.

***God is the Power that gives you Life and a physical body; and the human being or the nation that ignores God in its world will dissolve and disappear from the Earth, and is the downfall of every civilization that has ever been on the face of this Earth!***

Concerning the condition in Russia today, Gentlemen, if you knew and saw the truth of it, you would not sleep. You do not know one-hundredth part of the tragedy that is going on there. You have no idea of the tragedy which has gone on in Spain. We see and know the conditions going on in the Orient today.

That which We term the sinister force is a gathering and gathering of the forces and power of destruction – for wholesale destruction!

They are gathering and gathering power that will one day fan the arrogance and ignorance of the people to attempt to drive its mighty destruction into your country, America!

If you saw and knew, as I do, the conditions that are moving in your world today – the international spy system, which is stealing from you your Heart’s secrets, stealing the secrets from every nation that has made progress – the people would wake up!

Mankind should be awaken!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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