understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind have been given Free Will and a long period and the opportunity to choose how they were going to use this energy; and they have mostly been using it destructively.

I mean by that, by allowing anger, criticism, and condemnation to charge their feeling worlds, which is wholly destructive and is the only thing that prevents health, achievement, and strength in the activity of mankind.

These are simple Laws, but they are Almighty insofar as your individual Life is concerned and that of the Nation.

A nation is the activity of men’s minds, and to think that a few individuals can lead millions of people around by the nose!

That day is past, Gentlemen! (Applause) The Great Cosmic Light that is charging the atmosphere of Earth, and the great Assistance of the Cosmic Beings and the Ascended Masters are charging into the feeling world of mankind this Awakening and resistance to these terrifically destructive forces.

Now Gentlemen, remember, you are not dealing with anybody’s opinions, whether it is human or Our Own, but you are dealing every moment of your Life with energy and substance qualified.

The sooner you wake up to it, the sooner you are going to handle the powers and conditions governing your individual activity; and you cannot do it unless you understand.

Persons, places, and conditions are blamed for the things that exist; but the qualification of energy and substance that goes through human beings is the actual cause.

It is true – there are the forces that you are dealing with. Without substance and energy to be requalified, the feelings and thoughts of mankind would not amount to anything; but this Energy of Life that is flowing forth through each human form, before It touches the head of the individual, is wholly Pure and Perfect and will produce Health and Perfection if left alone.

But as long as this, which is a feeling, is intensified in mankind, mankind are clothing themselves with discord; and unless they stop it, they will continue in limitations as long as they continue to embody.

I have watched civilizations come and go. The cause is identically the same every time.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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