understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I trust, Gentlemen, all of you are sufficiently interested and hundreds of thousands more in the next few months will take hold of this Great Understanding of the “Mighty I AM”, which is the Law of Life, and set It into action with determination to produce Perfection in their worlds and then Perfection for America that is needed so much.

We are soon going to have to determine whether we are going to hold our Dominion of Peace in America, or allow the destruction of Europe and the Orient to sweep over America and leave its devastation behind.

If you knew as I do, some conditions that exist in Our Beloved America today, you would rise in such rebellion that scarcely anything could hold you. But the only permanent thing is to call the Power of Light, which is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance, to come forth with such Power that It governs the feeling world of mankind.

That is the Permanent Achievement of Peace, and is the only thing!

I do not mean by that, Gentlemen, that if you are set upon, that you should not defend yourselves physically, not by any means; but your physical defense is only a temporary thing.

The only permanent thing is the calling forth of the Powers of this “Presence” until the Great Cosmic Light joins It.

By that Power, as the Great Arcturus said, and the Great Goddess of Liberty said in Washington’s Vision: “If necessary, that Light as of a Thousand Suns will descend into America and dissolve and consume all human selfishness and discord from the Planet!”

That will come; but in the meantime, must we go through the conditions of Europe to have that come forth?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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