understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I rejoice with you in the Greatest Joy My Experience has ever known, that during the Shrine Class the Great Cosmic Light came to a point where the Free Will of vicious human individuals and activities could be set aside, and the qualities of that viciousness turned back upon its creators.

That to Me is the greatest hope for America that has ever been, for it enables Us to turn back destructive forces upon their own creators – which We shall not hesitate to do, and which, before that day, could not be done because We must always give Obedience to the Great Cosmic Law of which We are a part!

Therefore today My Joy is boundless in the conditions that the Great Cosmic Law has made possible – the first time in the history of the Earth that this condition has come about! That is why We have such great Hope that these destructive qualities may be held from your Beloved America.

My Heart and all the Power and Intelligence I possess are yours to assist you, Gentlemen, to your Eternal Peace and the Golden Age within your America!

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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