understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your power of qualification is a magnificent attribute, but you have forgotten its use. You are allowing your feeling world to be charged with discord, irritation, and disturbance – consequently qualifying that Stream of Energy which goes out in action in your world. You can discontinue this requalification when you choose to do so.

Then here is your vision, your physical eyesight that you are allowing to act in its inverted state. These eyes are supposed to see Perfection; then Perfection will out-picture in your body.

Instead, in the lack of understanding, mankind are looking upon the human limitations or discordant creations of mankind and are accepting it as law that they have to submit to.

It is not true – the Messengers have proven They do not have to accept these things: They call the Powers of the “Presence” to keep their feelings harmonious; then the Powers of the “Presence” come forth and adjust whatever is required. They accept Perfection beyond anything in the World.

So it is with any one of you, Beloved Ones. You can determine to keep your feelings harmonious and call the “Presence’ into action, and soon you will find that all things that once disturbed you, you can smile at as they pass into oblivion.

That is the privilege of everyone.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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