isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“We fully agree with Mr. Cox as to the lack of proof that the agency is that of the spirits of the dead; as for the rest, it is a very extraordinary deduction from “a wealth of facts” according to the expression of Mr. Crookes, who remarks further, “On going over my notes, I find…such a superabundance of evidence, so overwhelming as a mass of testimony…that I could fill several numbers of the Quarterly.”

Now some of these facts of an “overwhelming evidence” are as follows: 1st. The movement of heavy bodies with contact, but without mechanical exertion. 2nd. The phenomena of percussive and other sounds. 3rd. The alteration of weight bodies. 4th. Movements of heavy substances when at a distance from the medium. 5th. The rising of tables and chairs off the ground, without contact with any person. 6th. THE LEVITATION OF HUMAN BEINGS. 7th. “Luminous apparitions”.

Says Mr. Crookes, “Under the strictest conditions, I have seen a solid self-luminous body, the size and nearly the shape of a turkey’s egg, float noiselessly about the room, at one time higher than any one could reach on tiptoe, and then gently descend to the floor. It was visible for more than ten minutes, and before it faded away it struck the table three times with a sound like that of a hard, solid body.”

(We must infer that the egg was of the same nature as M. Babinet’s meteor-cat, which is classified with other natural phenomena in Arago’s works.)

8th. The appearance of hands, either self-luminous or visible by ordinary light. 9th. “Direct writing” by these same luminous hands, detached, and evidently endowed with intelligence. (Psychic force?) 10th. “Phantom-forms and faces.”

In this instance, the psychic force comes “from a corner of the room” as a “phantom form”, takes an accordion in its hand, and then glides about the room, playing the instrument; Home, the medium, being in full view at the time.

The whole of the preceding Mr. Crookes witnessed and tested at his own house, and, having assured himself scientifically of the genuineness of the phenomenon, reported it to the Royal Society.

Was he welcomed as the discoverer of natural phenomena of a new and important character? Let the reader consult his work for the answer.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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