understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say to you, Gentlemen, the Mountains represented on the right-hand side of the Chart as you face It, Saint Germain God Presence Chartrepresent the Teton Mountains, south of Yellowstone Park on the border between Idaho and Wyoming. The highest point there on your map, known as the Grand Teton, I call “Royal Teton” because it means Mountain of Light”.

In that Mountain, in that Great Audience Chamber are the records, physical records of every civilization that has been on the face of this Earth. Therefore, this Understanding is not something that does not have a physical verification.

These records are there; and if mankind will give the simple obedience that We ask, these records will one day come into the outer world where everyone may have access to them and see the Truth We have spoken.

But no one will have them until mankind is harmonious enough, because those records would be destroyed, just as the records were destroyed in the Alexandrian Library. They thought the important records were being destroyed. Unbeknown to them, We had removed those records before.

We know the intent of mankind everywhere. We are not deceived, ever. We give mankind every chance, even to the last opportunity; then, if they will not give obedience to the Light, We cannot help it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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