isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“All the prophets of old – inspired sensitives – were said to be uttering their prophecies under the same conditions, either by the direct outward efflux of the astral emanation, or a sort of damp fluxion, rising from the earth.

It is this astral matter which serves as a temporary clothing of the souls who form themselves in this light. Cornelius Agrippa expresses the same views as to the nature of these phantoms by describing it as moist or humid: “In spirito turbido HUMIDOQUE.”

Prophecies are delivered in two ways – consciously, by magicians who are able to look into the astral light; and unconsciously, by those who act under what is called inspiration. To the latter belonged and belong the Biblical prophets and the modern trance-speakers.

So familiar with this fact was Plato, that of such prophet he says: “No man, when in his senses, attains prophetic truth and inspiration…but only when demented by some distemper or possession…” (by a diamond or spirit). “Some persons call them prophets; they do not know that they are only repeaters…and are not to be called prophets at all, but only transmitters of vision and prophecy”, he adds.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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