understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Therefore today, in this endeavor to have mankind understand these Laws which are so simple – that is why mankind have overlooked them – today in bringing this forth in this simplicity so that even a child can understand it, it is the only way mankind can ever come to know and utilize these Great Powers which are their own Life.

In all the old occult laws and the understanding of the past, so much mystery was thrown about these simple, majestic Laws that mankind conceived such a complication, such a misunderstanding of what initiation meant, that the very thought, the very use of the word set into action a fear and ofttimes a confusion that was sometimes worse than if they had never heard of it.

When you understand that you are simply dealing with your own Life, no matter how great the understanding becomes, then you feel more at home, you feel that it is your right – and sure enough, it is your birthright to have this Dominion, this Perfection which the true Understanding of Life brings.

Therefore today again, I say to you, you must choose how you are going to use this Great Energy that flows forth, which you can – notice the word – which you can compel to produce Perfection for you.

Why has it not done it before? Because of mankind’s requalification. You have your attention, your physical eyesight which is your vision, and the power of qualification which is the invisible activity through your feeling. Any one of these three faculties is a power inconceivable to the average mind today, for what your attention is upon, you become! Where your attention is, there you are!

The greatest, simple Law in the entire Universe! And there is not one person on the face of this Earth that can get away from it for one moment.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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