understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Look at Europe where I worked so many centuries, and when I thought I had one whom I was going to be able to depend on to carry out directions, he, too, failed.

When We had trained Napoleon and brought him to the place where he had promised to give willing obedience – which would have brought the United States of Europe – he began to feel the power and said to Us whom he knew personally, “I am the power”, when in his quiet moments he knew better.

He knew that he was being assisted and the Power was given him by the Ascended Masters.

When he would no longer give obedience, I said to him in his own apartment in Paris, “Napoleon, unless you continue to give obedience, your star sets tonight.” He absolutely refused, and you know the rest of the story.

That is so with every human being on the face of this Earth who refuses to give obedience to their own Law of Life. We were not asking him to give obedience to Us except insofar as Our Wisdom knew the need of the time.

So it is today. So it has been in every civilization that has ever been. The few who remembered and were willing to give obedience were not sufficient to hold the balance in the feeling world of mankind.

That is why today We have asked the Students throughout America to use these Decrees for certain Perfection that acts within the feeling and mental world of mankind throughout America – for it is one – and that has produced such tremendous results today.

At the close of the Shrine Class, We stood fifty percent to the constructive power; and We only require three percent more to hold the balance of the constructive power in America.

Once We have gained that, I feel definitely certain that We will be able to hold from America this frightful destructive thing that is sweeping Europe and the Orient today. It is planned definitely to sweep your Beloved America, just the same, as it is a force that knows nothing but destruction.

Do you wish to have it in your America?

The opportunity is before you, Gentlemen of America, to call forth the Powers of this “Great God Presence” to stop this thing.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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