understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me tell you, Gentlemen, one thing that occurred in the recent Shrine Class. From the time the Messengers left the West, left Seattle going to the East, that sinister thing of America gathered and gathered forces, a momentum to try and strike at the Messengers and stop the spreading of this Light. It had accumulated to terrific force at the beginning of the Shrine Class.

On the ninth day of that Shrine Class, such a Power was released from those six thousand people there, that the Great Cosmic Light burst above that building and drove that sinister thing back beyond the borders of America – a thing that has never been done before!

That is the gained momentum by the power of the Students throughout America, which was then called into action, concentrated there, and then shattered that sinister accumulation to pieces and drove it from your borders.

That is what is done, Beloved Ones, from the invisible or Inner standpoint, to the human state; but nevertheless it is Tangible, Beloved Ones.

This is the point, Gentlemen: if you will only realize that a thing, because it is invisible, it does not mean that it is intangible. Just as I am flashing these Words to the Messenger standing here: you don’t see Me, but I am none the less Tangible to you.

Those are points that mean so much to mankind.

If you will contemplate that all the power and force of any consequence you are using is invisible – the effect is visible, but the power is invisible.

Just as this Ray of Light and Energy coming from your own “God Presence” is still invisible to most of you, yet It is Tangible because It has produced these physical forms through which the Power of Life is acting.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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