understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Take your present condition of such extreme chaos: the strikes, the agitation, and all the conditions that exist which are not improving anything, but are depriving many people of the money they need so much. It is not reaching the solution of anything. It is the cause of every revolution that has ever come in any country in the World.

When revolutions come, it just means hundreds of thousands or millions of lives cut off from the opportunity of that for which they were intended in this embodiment.

Today, Gentlemen, we are facing a condition never before on this Earth. The condition that exists in Europe – I have been there every day – is beyond all description. I would not attempt to voice it to you.

That condition has come about through what We term the sinister force, which is but discordant human accumulation gathered through hundreds of centuries; and mankind have never understood before that they alone were responsible for these conditions.

When mankind think to adjust conditions of individuals, cities, states, or government through discord, hatred, and anger, then they have made the endless mistake of Life. It is true that one condition takes the place of another through wars, but there is no solution.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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