understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Read those Books! By the Power of God, there is not one single discrepancy in those Books! It is because the viciousness of the minds of mankind becloud their intellect so that they cannot think or understand Them, that they find discrepancies.

We use simple language and always shall until mankind understand these simple Laws – and understanding Them, set the Laws into action that set them Free!

This is why today, Gentlemen, I am speaking to you from My Heart to your Heart; for I know that any Heart cannot fail to understand the earnestness of My Being and the great need of America today, if America is to be saved from that destructive thing coming forth on the face of the Earth.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, with all the Love of My Being, I enfold you today with the Glory of Its Eternal Power, Courage, Strength, and Enfolding Presence, that through your Heart may release the Light of your own “God Presence” to set your world in order.

Make your Call quickly that gives the Protection for America; then in that day when this great chaos is pushed back, dissolved, and consumed by the Great Cosmic Light, then shall I come forth and shake your hand, every one of you. Then will you know My Reality!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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