understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Only the day before yesterday, I walked the streets in the Tangible Body, Visible to everyone because of the need in Washington today, as you have seen in your papers. And by the power of My Own Radiation there, I am trying by every Effort within My Being to hold the harmony and judgment of those men, that they will not make the wrong decision that will drag them into things they cannot extricate themselves from. That is what I am doing today – and don’t let anyone think I am not Tangible!

Soon, if you will give your assistance, Blessed Ones, you shall know Me in My Own Tangible Body; and I shall shake your hands and congratulate you on the Strength of the Light within your own body that enables you to make a condition where the Great Cosmic Light permits the Ascended Masters to come forth in the Tangible Body and walk and talk with you.

Then America and Her people will be Free forever!

That is the condition standing before you today, Beloved People of America, Beloved Minute Men.

You as the Minute Men of America, if you will, in three months can hold the balance for the Protection of America! Will you do it? We are pleading for you!

We are Free of course forever, but you are not yet.

Won’t your Hearts feel the Glory of this which I am calling forth from within you today, and give that eternal, courageous response and be dauntless before the face of  man in the Explanation of this Great Truth, that more of mankind may come into this Understanding?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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