understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“For just a moment, I want to call your attention to the Great Goddess of Liberty who is anchored above you here in this room for this special purpose today of pouring forth that Mighty Radiation to you, that you may forever feel and be sustained by It.

Think of it, American people! In the Name of God, I ask you to think of it! How was your Statue of Liberty brought into being? By the pennies of the children of France!

That symbol is of this Great Cosmic Being who gave Washington that Vision, and who has now come forth to try and prevent the fulfillment of the last episode of it.

She recently said in Her Own Discourse that, at the time it was given, there did not seem to be hope on Earth for America’s Protection because the first two parts of it had already been fulfilled –

but now in the Understanding of this that has come forth, She has found the opening, the opportunity for that Infinite Protection if enough of mankind will make the Call! Magnificent!

Think, Beloved Ones! You will excuse Me if I speak of My Own Efforts; but when America’s need was so great, the Goddess of Liberty, the Great Cosmic Being, brought Lafayette with his assistance to America, and he gave his all to America, he being only a lad.

Lafayette left his home and family to come and assist in the Freedom of America. Then I brought Von Steuben from Austria to train our American soldiers, and the victory was won. He gave all to America and passed from the human form here.

Beloved Ones, if those great ones would do that, then are you not sufficiently interested to enter into and understand wherein you can make the Call to give the Protection which they gave at that time?

Oh, you do not comprehend! That I might show you for a moment from the Inner or Higher Octaves of Light that great cause and effect which is moving on and on, so that you might see firsthand why I speak to you with such Love and Earnestness today!

Oh, that it might reach the American people everywhere!

In the Fullness of My Love, Blessed Minute Men of America, I enfold you in My Protection with Its Courage, Strength, and Happiness; and remember, Joy is the great motor of Life.

As you feel that Great Power flow in and through your Heart, out into your world, That harmonizes and perfects it, and gives you the Power, Strength, and Courage in the Call to your “Great Presence” which brings that great Perfection to America, forever sustained.

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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