understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you lawyers, judges, doctors – whatever your position may be – you Gentlemen need not, when you come into this Understanding, suddenly change your vocation in any way. Begin at the point in the Universe where you are and apply that Law!

If you are a lawyer and are dynamic in your Call and harmonious in your feeling activity and use the Intelligence of your “Presence”, It will make you a success beyond your fondest imagination.

To the doctors I will say, you will be inspired by the Powers of the “Presence”; and by your attention to It, you will suddenly know what to do to bring results that will astonish the World.

I will say to the physical scientists: If they understood the Ascended Masters and would give their attention to the “Presence”, the World would be transformed inside of a year because the scientists’ brains are already attuned to receive these scientific discoveries. Through them the Intelligence of the “Presence” would flow forth into their activity, and it would be magnificent beyond words.

But Beloved Brothers of the Light, when the intellect says it is all there is, it has bound you in the chains of some more limitations; and one day you will find that to be true.

That (pointing to the Chart) Saint Germain God Presence Chartis the Source of Life, and that is your “Mighty I AM Presence”:  that is the only Knower, the only Intelligence, the only Doer. And the human form is but the Vehicle through which It acts.

When you understand that and know you can turn to the “Presence” in moments of great need, Its Intelligent Energy, Courage, and Strength will flow in and through your body, out into your world to harmonize any discord in the most magnificent manner any human being ever witnessed.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, you are no longer subject to the conditions that exist in the World today.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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