understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, We have been talking to you about yourself and your Application. Let Me touch your Hearts for a moment, and remember, if you have not read Washington’s Vision, I ask everyone of you to do it, for this is the point upon which I wish to speak to you now.

Europe is in the throes of such chaos as has never been known in the history of the World. I pleaded and worked with Europe for three hundred years, but the human would not listen; and the conditions today are the outpicturing of that tremendous chaos that has accumulated.

Do you not understand that the vibratory action of creations of its kind, if allowed to build, continues to grow and grow and grow into a great whirling vortex of mass destructive activities and qualities; and that is what is the matter with Europe today. Unless some Tremendous Miracle of Light is performed, there is no hope for Europe.

But you today in America, whose land has not been saturated by the blood of the wars of the centuries, have an opportunity – the last one on Earth!

That is why I am so grateful for the starting of the Minute Men’s Activity in America, for it gives an opportunity for you Gentlemen to understand the need today of the Protection of America, and it can be done!

Invincible Protection can yet be called about America so that not one particle of war shall enter Her borders, even though you are in the throes of dangerous activities.

Every attempt of the sinister force is being made to bring war into America, and I swear to God it shall not be done!

America must stay free!

If She is drawn into that embroilment, She will invite into the center of America that terrible, destructive element as shown in Washington’s Vision.

That is why We have been taking the Messengers without a moment of rest throughout America, touching the Heart of America and causing them to realize the need of Protection of America today – if you don’t, you will wish you had never been born in America or anywhere else.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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