isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“”It may throw some light to observe, that Van Helmont, as well as Paracelsus, took water for the universal instrument (agent?) of chymistry and natural philosophy; and earth for the unchangeable basis of all things – that fire was assigned as the sufficient cause of all things – that Seminal impressions were lodged in the mechanism of the earth – that water, by dissolving and fermenting with this earth, as it does by means of fire, brings forth everything; whence originally proceeded animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.”

The alchemists understand well this universal potency of water. In the works of Paracelsus, Van Helmont, Philalethes, Pantatem, Tachenius, and even Boyle, “the great characteristic of the alkahest”, “to dissolve and change all sublunary bodies – water alone excepted”, is explicitly stated.

And it is possible to believe that Van Helmont, whose private character was unimpeachable, and whose great learning was universally recognized, should most solemnly declare himself possessed of the secret, were it but a vain boast!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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