understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Many of mankind, not understanding this, have believed that the genius, the ability of achievement, was here (pointing to his head). They never accepted the Heart, but thought that within their giant intellect was the cause, the reason, the power for the achievement.

But what is this intellect?

Gentlemen, I ask you to listen a moment! When there is a so-called dead body lying before you, all those faculties, the brain and all the faculties are there. All of the organs are there, but the body no longer acts, does it? Then where is all that intelligence, all that energy, strength, courage, happiness, and power with which that form was acting? Where is it then?

Gentlemen, behold that Stream of Light coming from your “Presence”! There is where all Intelligence, Energy, and all Power with which your human forms act, came from. There is no other place in the Universe it can come from!Saint Germain God Presence Chart

Once you understand that, you will have touched your Source, your Powerhouse of Light, your Source of all Intelligence.

Then, Gentlemen, you can – by keeping your feelings harmonized and by stopping all requalification by discord in your feelings – you can call this Mighty Energy forth and free yourselves forever from all limitation, and call forth from the Treasure House of that “Presence” all the money and everything else you require for use, because you are acting in accordance with the Law of Life which is Harmony.

Therefore, Gentlemen, there is not one thing in this world you cannot have that is constructive, if you understand this “Presence” and abide within the Harmony of Its Being, and give the required Obedience through your physical form and the Laws of Life.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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