understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me remind you there is not one thing mystical or unusual about any of this. The Words “I AM” are the Explanation of Life brought forth here for your use, to call forth Its Greater Intensification at your point in the Universe in your activity.

Therefore, Gentlemen, if you care to take hold of this which We know to be true, I guarantee you that in a short time you will have all the evidence in the world that you want of the Power of this Law of Life to act – not only to protect and set you free but to call forth that greater and greater Happiness, Courage, and Strength into your Life that makes you the Master of yourself and your world.

Your world cannot be mastered until first you, yourself, are mastered, because through your human form must flow the Power from the “Great God Presence of Life” that harmonizes, perfects, and brings the Success into your world in whatever direction you may decide to direct that energy.

Therefore, Gentlemen, you are the choosers of how this energy is going to act for you. There is no one who can say to you, no one in the Universe has a right to say to another, “You shall do thus and so.”

You are responsible alone to your own “God Presence”!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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