understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I ask you, is it not worth any effort on the part of the human – which is but so slight in comparison to the Great Release that comes – to call the “Presence” into action to establish that Tube of Light and use the Violet Consuming Flame and set yourself free, that you may go forth in the world calling forth the Powers of the “Presence” and, by your understanding of the imperative need, harmonizing your feeling?

Your feeling world extends as far as your hands reach out, sometimes farther; but that is your feeling world, the world in which you can live, the only place, Gentlemen, on the face of this Earth where you or anyone can live. There is no other place.

You are compelled to live in the world of your own creations. If you do not understand that what has brought you limitations can be dissolved by the Power of the Infinite Intelligence, don’t you see, there is no means of freeing yourself?

But, today, in the Fullness of Its Infinite Power, how quickly it can be done!

Take the Beloved Messenger standing before you: He was in as many limitations as any of you when those Experiences began as recorded in Unveiled Mysteries; and when I saw within Him and His Beloved Wife the strength, the power to withstand the onslaught of mankind, even many associated with Me in the Octave of Light questioned Their strength. But notwithstanding, I said, “I shall try it out”, and did – successfully!

So I say to you today, as I did to Him in the beginning of those Experiences when I asked Him to use the Violet Consuming Flame and the Tube of Light – in six weeks He felt as though tons had been lifted off of His physical body.

Therefore Beloved Ones, what He has done, any one of you can do; and unless you will do these things, Beloved Ones, there is no chance of your being free from the limitations into which you have drawn yourselves.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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