understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today in the marvelous opportunity that is yours – and may I remind you that in these conditions that existed through the great losses of so many, if they had understood, they would have known that could not be a temporary thing.

Their same power, their same ability was there by which they achieved, and if they would have said to that appearance”: “Now, you cannot daunt me! You cannot scare me! I have the same powers that I had before; therefore I can begin right over”, they would have gone forward to the same achievement or greater; but they gave way before that destructive feeling of the sinister force of mankind which wanted them to give way.

You today, as Students of this Understanding of the Great Law of Life, when people speak to you – if they show any interest – the first thing, Dear People, tell them this is the Law of Life, and the Words “I AM” are the drawing of a Mighty Power of Focus at your point in the Universe in the use of those Words. There is nothing unusual about It.

Make the people feel the practicality, the naturalness of It the very first thing before they begin to wonder whether It is something mystical, unusual.

You see, all understanding of the Laws of Life has been clothed with mysticism, something mysterious. There is nothing mysterious about this Work. When all is understood, It is practical. Therefore, put It forth with that feeling to mankind everywhere you go, and you will find very few people will oppose It.

But Gentlemen, if individuals seem inclined to argue, change the subject and disappear, because there is nothing gained in any kind of argument. It is one human being’s opinion against another’s, and they remain the same when they are finished.

In the Messenger’s attitude of Life from early childhood, He brought forth that understanding. He has always said, “If you care to listen to my idea, very well and good; if not, just the same.” He has never allowed people to argue with Him. Therefore, people realize that.

If they are inclined to listen, they are in a condition where you can give help; but if their mind is just like that – ready to charge forth with their ideas – you cannot accomplish anything. It is a waste of time and energy, so stand guard always over those conditions.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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