isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“Taking the ground that “the visible universe must certainly, in transformable energy, and probably in matter, come to an end”, and “the principle of continuity…still demanding a continuance of the universe…” the authors of this remarkable work find themselves forced to believe “that there is something beyond that which is visible…and that the visible system is not the whole universe but only, it may be, a very small part of it.”

Furthermore, looking back as well as forward to the origin of this visible universe, the authors urge that “if the visible universe is all that exists then the first abrupt manifestation of it is as truly a break of continuity as its final overthrow” (Art. 85)

Therefore, as such a break is against the accepted law of continuity, the authors come to the following conclusion:

“Now, is it not natural to imagine, that a universe of this nature, which we have reason to think exists, and is connected by bonds of energy with the visible universe, is also capable of receiving energy from it? …May we not regard Ether, or the medium, as not merely a bridge between one order of things and another, forming as it were a species of cement, in virtue of which the various orders of the universe are welded together and made into one?

In fine, what we generally called Ether, may be not a mere medium, but a medium plus the invisible order of things, so that when the motions of the visible universe are transferred into Ether, part of them are conveyed as by a bridge into the invisible universe, and are there made use of and stored up.

Nay, is it even necessary to retain the conception of a bridge? May we not at once say that when energy is carried from matter into Ether, it is carried from the visible into the invisible; and that when it is carried from Ether to matter it is carried from the invisible into the visible?” (Art. 198, Unseen Universe)

Precisely; and were Science to take a few more steps in that direction and fathom more seriously the “hypothetical medium” who knows but Tyndall’s impassable chasm between the physical processes of the brain and consciousness, might be – at least intellectually – passed with surprising ease and safety.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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