understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear, Blessed Ones, remember I hold your hand to your Victory. All I want, Blessed Ones, is to see that your motive is right, that you are earnest and sincere to the Law, and I shall hold your hand to your Victory. I mean it. We have entered into this Activity of Light for the Victory of Life to all mankind who want It.

The Ascended Masters, and there are thousands of Them, are ready to give Assistance at everyone’s Call, for this is the Victory of Light!
Remember, when the Light comes forth, darkness disappears, and limitation of any kind is darkness.

Mankind have drawn themselves into that by the lack of understanding of the “Presence”, which they have forgotten entirely. Now they have been reminded. The opportunity is before them! They can have anything their Hearts desire.

What is the desire within you? What is the desire? That you have freedom and every good thing you require for use! The Law of Life, the Light that is beating your Heart gives you that desire.

Remember that everything that you use is in that Stream of Light; then every Quality that is There must come from the “Presence”. If you have reclothed it by your qualification, it is no fault of the “Presence” because It gives you that energy.

Then what are you going to do with It? Are you going to use It constructively, or are you going to clothe it with discord and use it destructively? The choice is quite yours, and there is no one who can say you nay. I cannot! I cannot say to you, “You shall do thus and so.”

But so long as your motive is right and you use constructive desires and feelings, I shall go to the limit to help you to Success, Freedom, Happiness, and everything your Heart desires for your Blessing and Freedom.

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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