understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Joy is very great this morning in having this opportunity to speak to you, and may I shake the hand of every one of you. Even though I may be invisible to you, yet shall I shake the hand of each one; and I shall hold your hand if you stand by the Light of your “Presence” until your Victory is won.

I thank our blessed one for having brought forth this that will one day become known throughout America, and I thank her with all My Heart and Gratitude for having established an activity which will release unto those using it, that intensified energy which everyone needs today.

Let us for a moment direct our attention to the early days of America, when from different parts of the World came those seeking Freedom; and when their Freedom was threatened, then did that Power of Light go forth to give them the Assistance and Protection.

Gentlemen, it was My great Privilege to stand unseen most of the time, pouring forth that Mighty Energy to mankind in those days – encouraging, strengthening, and sometimes appearing visibly and giving them the Encouragement needed to go forward – for We knew that America was to be Free, and that America shall remain Free forever!

This frightful, sinister thing that has its claws upon most of the World shall not have its claws upon our America! It is the Heart of Light of the Earth; and some place, some spot on Earth must be kept clean and free, that the Powers of Light may hold Their Dominion to spread to the rest of the World.

The blood-drenched lands of Europe cannot be used; and in those centuries when I worked in France, England, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, and the various parts of the country – even in the Orient – I tried every way to pour forth such a Power of Radiation that would harmonize the people and enable them to see;

yet human selfishness became the dominant thing within the consciousness of the people – I mean those who established themselves at the heads of the government and, on the slightest pretense, would throw themselves against each other for no reason at all.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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