understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why, Dear People, today without the Understanding of this Mighty I AM Presence”, there is no hope for mankind. There is nothing by which they can be established and sustained in the forward activity of peace.

Peace cannot come to the World through the intellect. Peace has to come through the feeling and the understanding of a Power and Presence that is God in action.

God is not a religious thing; God is the Law of Life which is beating your Heart and every human being’s Heart on Earth.

Therefore, when mankind come to understand that it is God giving them Life, and that God is practical in your physical world and wants you to have Happiness, the Success, and the Achievement that every Heart desires, then that Power of Light that beats your Heart, called into action, will produce that Success for you – if your feeling world is kept harmonious.

That is what mankind has not understood today – the need of Harmony. If this is sustained for a sufficient period, the Powers of the “Presence” can flow through to do Its Perfect Work, which is Purity and Perfection. The only reason your “Presence” has not produced Perfection for you is because of inharmony in the feeling world, which clothes that energy.

You will notice the Chart:  Saint Germain God Presence Chartthat Ray of Light that comes into your head and anchors in your Heart then goes out into your world. When that Light is clothed with discord, it carries that inharmony out into your world.

People have not known that, but that inharmony goes forth; and just when you think you have achieved success, that quality begins to act, and the person to whom the inharmony has gone is no longer interested.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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