isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“When the professor began his investigations in 1853, he announced that he “felt called upon, as an act of duty to his fellow-creatures, to bring whatever influence he possessed to the attempt to stem the tide of popular madness, which, in defiance of reason and science, was fast setting in favor of the gross delusion called Spiritualism.”

Though, according to his declaration, he “entirely coincided with Faraday’s theory of table-turning”, he had the true greatness which characterizes the princes of science to make his investigation thorough, and then tell the truth. How he was rewarded by his life-long associates, let his own words tell.

In an address delivered in New York, in September, 1854, he says that “he had been engaged in scientific pursuits for upwards of a half a century, and his accuracy and precision had never been questioned, until he had become a spiritualist; while his integrity as a man had never in his life been assailed, until the Harvard professors fulminated their report against that which he knew to be true, and which they did not know to be false.”

How much mournful pathos is expressed in these few words! An old man of seventy-six – a scientist of half a century, deserted for telling the truth! And now Mr. A. R. Wallace, who had previously been esteemed among the most illustrious of British scientists, having proclaimed his belief in spiritualism and mesmerism, is spoken on in terms of compassion.

Professor Nicholas Wagner, of St. Petersburg, whose reputation as a zoologist is one of the most conspicuous, in his term pays the penalty of his exceptional candor, in his outrageous treatment by the Russian scientists!”

H. P Blavatsky

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