understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, We have all been reminding you of This, in one way or another! Every one of the Ascended Host has constantly come and reminded you of this Action, and are trying to help you establish the Habit – because, if you will make effort to set the Habit, you will find this will control your attention, and therefore, allow Our Perfection to come in and around you, instead of the outer world’s discord controlling your attention, and allowing that to come – the outer world’s discord – to come and make your problems, and your distress, and sustain lack and limitation.

There isn’t a thing in the Universe that cannot be changed by the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love; for It is Power Unconquerable, Invincible, Victorious, Overwhelming, and Eternally Sustained, forever Expanding!

It is the Raising Power of everything in the Universe, to raise the lesser into the Greater; and It contains only Perfection!

I would think that would be a relief from some of the experiments you’ve made in the physical world with trying other things, most of which did not produce Perfection, but only problems.

If there are problems that weigh heavily, will you please EXPERIMENT WITH ASKING YOUR “BELOVED I AM PRESENCE” AND US, TO DISSOLVE, OR SOLVE – which is one and the same thing – AND THEN, PREVENT THE PROBLEMS THAT TORTURE YOU!

If you will only ASK US TO FILL EVERYTHING WITH OUR SACRED FIRE LOVE, you will find many, many, many Powers being released within you, and many conditions changed in the world around you as if by magic.

This is what is meant by Miracles, which are the Ascended Masters’ Divine Way of Perfection, uninterfered with, and uninterrupted by mankind’s discord.

That is Eternal Security!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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