understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you CALL FORTH THE ASCENDED MASTERS’ SACRED FIRE LOVE’S ETERNAL SECURITY IN AND AROUND EVERYTHING IN YOUR BEINGS AND WORLDS, you will give Us an opportunity to anchor into the physical structure of Earth more of the Sacred Fire, to help control conditions that need to be purified, and kept from destroying the Blessings that are yours this hour!

This is Protection to all that is constructive; and It is the leashing, and dissolving and consuming of everything that is of human discord!

If We may help you, as We release this Power in and around you, to enable you to hold constructive activities sustained, and Victorious over the hordes of evil, you will give Us very Great Happiness – if you will let Us expand the Sacred Fire that relieves the Earth from the hordes of evil that have been generated through the centuries; and this must come!

The Purity must come, if that which mankind has generated is to be consumed; but in the meantime, you may be the Open Door through which this Sacred Fire comes, as you call It into outer physical conditions.

Then, through the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, We can draw certain other Forces to keep destructive conditions from either being sustained, or expanded; and so, It is the Victory of the Light!

It is the Mastery of the Ascended Host’s Control of this World; and It is the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan – for the Great Divine Plan is only the Perfection Manifested of Our Sacred Fire’s Divine Love, and Almighty Manifesting Perfection, and Almighty Peace; because, wherever It goes, discord cannot be created again.

We enfold you in everything Our Hearts’ Love can give, and give you the Peace, and the Encouragement, and the Assistance, to keep your attention on that which forever raises you into the Ascension, and raises all you contact into That, one day, also!

We clothe you in Our Miracle Mantle of the Love of the Sacred Fire; and may It blaze in and around you, Our Victory in all you ever do, Invincible for Eternity!

Thank you with all My Heart!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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