understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes, when it’s difficult to pour kindness to people, or conditions in the physical world, just stop a moment, and CALL TO YOUR “BELOVED I AM PRESENCE” AND TO US, TO RELEASE WHATEVER SACRED FIRE POWER OF OUR PURIFYING LOVE IS NECESSARY, TO DO IN A CONDITION WHAT YOU CANNOT DO YET THROUGH YOUR OWN FEELING!

Then, there comes the Sacred Fire from within the Higher Mental Body, and from the Ascended Masters’ Temples of the Light, and that Sacred Fire can go into any physical condition and control it when you, physically, cannot!

Now, this is the Power We offer! This is the Sacred Fire Mastery over all mankind’s human creation! It is Sacred Fire Victory, because It is Unlimited when It comes from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, because there are no limitations there!

We offer you Unlimited Power of Our Sacred Fire Love, to do anything and everything in the physical world that needs to be done, in order to fulfill the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan Their Way, keep It Invincibly Protected forever, Invincibly Free from anything human, and forever expanding Its Blessings to Life!

I know of no greater interest on the investment of anything that you can do, any more than the moments that you place your Love and attention upon your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, and CALL FORTH OUR COSMIC SACRED FIRE LOVE INTO THIS WORLD, TO CONSUME EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT THAT LOVE; because that Love contains only Perfection. It is Master over all manifestation!

It can do anything and everything; and there is no such thing as failure in Its use!

If you were in physical danger – the danger might have already started to destroy you – and yet, just the moment your attention comes to Our Sacred Fire Love, the Flash could enfold you, and that which was destructive could not touch you.

I think It is worth every effort you will ever make to set This Habit – for the Habit must be set by Conscious Command!

If you will MAKE THE CALL TO SET THIS HABIT, We will be very grateful to answer It, and just as quickly as possible! (Applause) Thank you so much! Won’t you be seated please , and just remain so.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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