understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If the people of the World would only learn to use the Love We offer, the Love that is Light, the Love that is Peace, and the Ascended Masters’ Love, that is Power Unlimited and Indestructible!

Human experience in this World would be dissolved and consumed, and every bit of discord be replaced by the Perfection that is the Ascended Masters’ Way of Life for Eternity!

So it doesn’t matter what is the cause of discord in the outer world – nothing is really important, except how much Sacred Fire Love you pour into this World, you pour in and around yourselves, how much you draw forth to be the world in which you live, until your Ascension is complete!

It doesn’t make any difference how much is needed in the physical world, there’s infinitely more in the Ascended Masters’ Octave than all the energy and substance in this World put together!

I trust I shall make this plain to you tonight, in a way that makes you realize what a very Tangible, Powerful, ever present Blessing that Life has always offered, and is always in existence, and can always be used in physical conditions, when you call the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love into any condition in the physical world that needs purifying, or removing, and – in order to set Life Streams Free – must be consumed, if Freedom is to come; and Freedom cannot come from anywhere, except the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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