understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, I trust I may make clear to you what Happiness that Wave of Love – which is always Luminosity – brings to the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, as you watch It pass through the Beings Who create the Blessings that the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements give you all the time, and by which you are able to survive, or move, and have an embodiment in the physical world to accomplish the Victory of your Ascension!

Now, when We come to the Attainment of the Ascension, every bit of Purification that has to take place in the physical body at the moment of the Ascension, has to take place by and Ascended Master’s Purifying Love, a Flame from the Heart of the Ascended Master Who is assisting!

The Beloved Divine Director, Beloved Jesus, Beloved Godfre, the Mighty Saint Germain, and Blessed Victory, and every Ascended Master Who gives Assistance at the moment of the Ascension, stands, and expands, and pours the Flame of Love from that Ascended Master’s Heart, right through the atomic structure, until the etheric body and emotional bodies are purified and drawn up and into the Higher Mental Body!

At the same time, the Higher Mental Body is pouring Its own Love and Light into the outer substance that is being raised into the Ascension.

So, when you think of solving your problems by using the Ascended Masters’ Love, will you always remember that It brings a Light into the atmosphere in which you move. It brings a Light into the condition; and then, whatever the problem is to be solved, you will find the Purifying Love from the Ascended Master’s Body is what passes the Vibration through the condition, and dissolves and consumes every vibration that causes discord!

Therefore, when you call forth the Ascended Master’s Heart Flame’s Love to solve any problem in the physical world, try to remember, the Beings of the Elements rejoice more than you can realize, when destructive frequencies of vibration are dissolved and consumed, and the Love from the Ascended Master enfolds the Light in the Being that is creating a Blessing to the Powers of Nature for which mankind is constantly calling, and which mankind must have and use in order to embody in this World, and create a body through which the Ascension can be attained!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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