understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Love in the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Electronic Body and Higher Mental Body is Ascended Master Love, because it has never been anything else!

Never has anything else ever existed in the Electronic Body or the Higher Mental Body, but the Invincible, Eternal Sacred Fire Love from the Great Central Sun, which is One with the Heart Flames of Love in the Hearts of the Ascended Masters!

If you can understand what a Miracle Power this is, to form the habit of using It in everyday affairs to do everything for you that you want to have done, to give Greater Harmony, or Greater Happiness, or to solve your problems – if you would only try this out, and use It on everything – there is no thing where you can’t use It – you would avoid everything that is of distress!

The Ascended Masters’ Heart Flame of Sacred Fire Love is Eternal. It’s Indestructible Victory, and Indestructible Purity, and Indestructible Love, for which you have been calling!

Therefore, to fill yourselves with It, feel yourselves clothed in It, call It forth into all conditions of the physical world – whether they affect you or not, is not important.

There is only one thing important – this is bringing the Perfection, which the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love is, into the physical conditions of this World, that mankind’s suffering may cease!

There is no way to take out of existence mankind’s frightful human creation, except the Sacred Fire Love of the Ascended Masters, which is Indestructible Purity!

So when you call forth these Great Cosmic Powers of the Sacred Fire into physical conditions to purify them, They are, at all times, the Heart Flame of Life, the Heart Flame of Love of some Life Streams, the Cosmic Beings and the Sacred Fire, which the Angelic Host direct into the physical atmosphere of Earth, which the Cosmic Beings direct, which all Ascended Masters direct, and which the Cosmic Law of the Great Central Sun is constantly pouring forth – that Heart Flame of Love from the Heart of the Great Central Sun;

and it can never produce discord, never did, and never will!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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