understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Here is the Beloved Mighty Victory, offering all the Love from the Beings on Venus to the people of this World, to awaken in them the Desire for the Ascension, the Desire to become an Ascended Being, the Desire to master discord, and evil, and limitation in this World.

When you realize the amount of Love Life has bestowed upon the people of this World – age, after age, after age, civilization, after civilization, to bless mankind with these Greater Blessings from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, in order that the Divine Plan may be fulfilled by which the Earth Itself may become Ascended as a Sun – when you realize how much Love Life has released to the Life in this World to attain That, only then will you understand just what the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire means to the Universe!

Unascended beings will not know and cannot know, till they become Ascended, what terrific effort the Great Cosmic Law has released through individuals, civilization after civilization, to build Blessings in this World, to raise mankind’s Desire to attain the Ascension.

Unascended beings haven’t the slightest concept of the amount of energy they have used in the experience of one embodiment after another, that have not only not attained the Ascension, but have deliberately created conditions that prevent the Ascension.

Therefore, you Blessed people, who are awakened to This, are blessed beyond any words to explain!

You cannot realize yet how great is the Gift that has been given to you, until you see It from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, and you will look back and you will wonder, how could any part of Life be held in the shadows that long, and endure suffering that long, when Love is ready to release the Assistance to the Ascension!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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