understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you do not realize how great the Love of Life is, recall often, through your intellect, the feeling of what it means to Life, what the Freedom of Life is in the Victory of the Ascension.

When that Blessed Being said in the early days of This Instruction: “Give Me a little boot black off the street, and if he will give Me Obedience, I will give him his Ascension in three years!”

Now, after hundreds and thousands of embodiments in which you did not gain the Ascension – in which you suffered tragedy, and distress, and limitation, and destruction – yet, in three years, the door to that can be closed for Eternity, and all It takes is cooperation with Love! All It takes is the cooperation with the Love of that Great Being who has offered It!

Because, every Ascension is only accomplished by the Love of some one or more Ascended Beings; because It takes the Power of the Ascended Masters’ Octave, the Ascended Masters’ Love, to be the Force that raises the outer self into the Ascended Masters’ Perfection!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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