understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is with very Great Joy that We contemplate the Student Body throughout the World who have accepted and understand that the Ascension is the Purpose of your experience in this World!

When We see this many people accepting the Ascension as the Purpose of physical embodiment, We not only offer every possible Assistance through Our Love, but We try to expand into the consciousness of individuals that you meet, sometimes just through your Radiation, the Awakening Power that will pour into other Life Streams the Desire to attain the Ascension also! Therefore, your influence is not only upon individuals.

Your Desire for the Ascension, your Understanding of how to attain It, goes forth into the mental and feeling world of all mankind, and must, someday, bring to the outer intellect the Conscious Understanding that It is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, and the outer self is obligated to, one day, gain its Freedom that Way!

This is very far reaching – and the Beloved Saint Germain, bless Him for Eternity for all that He has done, and every effort He has made to bring This to the consciousness of the people, that by their acceptance of It, their suffering may cease – because suffering never will cease, until individuals understand that the Ascension must be attained somewhere, and every experience in this World should lead one to the Attainment of that Victory!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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