understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will only remember how intense My Love was for the Beloved Godfre after those long years of search, when, again and again, I became discouraged – but only for a time, just perhaps a few moments or an hour. Then, there always arose within Me, the determination to search once again.

Where do you think that determination came from? Both My “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Radiation of the Love of that Blessed Master in India, Who told Me to search. That was the Strength of His Love which He gave Me in those words, and That was My power to accomplish.

So, I too can give It to you. I can give you the Thrill of My Feeling at that Moment; and, I can give you the Feeling of that Determination that never wavers, because the Goal must be attained someday, sometime, somewhere by all!

In the meantime, you can draw Perfection into this World, until all understand their obligation to release the Earth from the distress of unfortunate human creation.

So, as We go forward, Beloved Ones, who have tread the very ground I walked upon – you who have gazed upon the Mountain that I loved; you who have felt the Peace and the Power in this locality – I ask you to accept right here My Feeling, and Joy, and Raising Activity at the Moment of the Ascension!

The Master Jesus, and the Beloved Godfre, and All Who have attained It, will intensify that Feeling in this locality, as well as in yourselves.

Then, when you DEMAND THAT MANKIND SHALL AWAKEN OUT OF THEIR DISTRESS, AND SHALL FEEL THE LIGHT OF THE APPROACHING DAY OF COSMIC FREEDOM, then in that feeling which you send forth, will they too reach up and become aware of That which is their Goal.

It is just as certain of accomplishment as that you exist in this World!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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