isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“Now, if we have indisputable proof that man has existed so long as this, there must have been wonderful modifications of his physical system, corresponding with the changes of climate and atmosphere.

Does not this seem to show by analogy that, tracing backward, there may have been other modifications, which fitted the most remote progenitors of the “frost-giants” to live even contemporaneously with Devonian fishes or the Silurian mollusks?

True, they left no flint-hatchets behind them, nor any bones or cave-deposits; but, if the ancients are correct, the races at that time were composed not only of giants, or “mighty men of renown”, but also of “sons of God.”

If those who believe in the evolution of spirit as firmly as the materialists believe in that of matter are charged with teaching “unverifiable hypothesis”, how readily can they retort upon their accusers by saying that, by their own confession, their physical evolution is still ‘an unverified, if not actually an unverifiable hypothesis.”

The former have at least the inferential proof of legendary myth, the vast antiquity of which is admitted by both philologists and archeologists; while their antagonists have nothing of a similar nature, unless they help themselves to a portion of the ancient picture-writings, and suppress the rest.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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