understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“From tonight, and in your Presentation, please know there will be the Host of the Ascension abiding in the atmosphere where you portray the picture, and the action, and the words of Those Who have gone before you.

There will stand the Host of Ascended Beings Who will charge the atmosphere of all who behold this which you will present, and that atmosphere will be charged with the Ascended Masters’ Exhilaration at the moment of Their Ascension.

You may absorb That, and the Earth Itself be filled with Its Light, until the Ascension is the Goal of Happiness for all – consciously determined, deliberately chosen.

With intense power, send forth the Call for the release of mankind from the distress of the centuries.

Your privilege is very great – also your obligation and responsibility; but, as you arise and are determined to have the Happiness and the Thrill of Eternal Mastery, will there come always the Assistance to you to attain It.

So, in that which you are privileged to present, will come to you the Greater Power of your own Attainment.

Just know, the Love from Our Octave will bring you every good thing you could ever desire, as you go forward and are determined that this World shall become a Sun of Happiness, and mankind – the Legions of the Ascension – to go forth and produce in Cosmic Action that which fulfills the Law of Love.

So, unto your Victory do I commend you tonight; and know that every time you turn to Me, My Feeling and Thrill of My Freedom shall come into you, to abide until you too have become the Fullness of Its Victory.

May this whole locality be so charged with that Feeling, that all who ever pass this way will turn to the Light and enter into their Eternal Mastery.

Thank you, with all My Love for Eternity.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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