understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, as you go forward, there is nothing strenuous about it. You do not have to sit hours in a day, and do it. You simply feel It, let Its Love expand, and go on about your business. It just becomes like when you turn up a light. If you turn on more current, the Light just gets brighter, and you turn it on again and It gets brighter.

So it is, with the raising of the outer self. As you just send your Love to your “Presence”, in recognition of that which you want, and as you ask to feel My Love at the Moment of My Ascension, It will be an expanding Flame, flowing through you to enable you to do likewise.

That which man has done, man can do; and, if the Great Cosmic Law permitted My Ascension that Way, why would it not permit yours, if you give the same Love to Life that I did? And I can give you My Feeling of Love at that Moment.

As you give that Love to free Life, Life above gives you Its Love to free you. There is no such thing as failure to the Love that is for Eternity, the Perfection of God’s Great Miracle of Life from the Great Central Sun.

So, just whenever you think of Me, remember My Love is ever abiding within you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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