understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you come to Beloved Shasta Springs, when you come near to the locality where I attained My Victory, I assure you, that locality is flooded with My Love, because there I got My Freedom.

It’s no wonder you love Mount Shasta! It’s no wonder you love the Springs! For My Love has ever abided there and ever will abide, to raise all who will understand This Law, as rapidly as possible to attain a like Victory. Because when you have a wonderful Blessing, you know Love wants to share It with others who will be as happy as I am.

So, go forward, and know that My Love in you will make you feel the Love to Life, that enables you one day to enter in consciously to the Love of your “Presence”, and then go on into Cosmic Action.

So, may the fullness and awareness of My Love for you ever abide with you, and clothe you in all the Power of that Love you will ever require to attain your Victory, as I did Mine.

May We go forward and just bless everything with the Love that purifies and sets Free, until the Giving of Freedom to others has automatically brought your own. May you feel My enfolding Presence, and remember the Image of Myself in you, as My Love to help you, till your Victory is Complete forever.

May you feel It deeply and give It everywhere, till all stand in Our Octave, the Journey completed, the World blest with Our Love, until It is the Sun in Space, that forever loves the Universe. May My Love abide, and forever bring you to your Final Attainment.

Thank you so much.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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