understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, when you think of Me, try to feel Me Ascending. As that Feeling saturates the energy in and around your physical body and the atmosphere about you – the more you can feel Me and feel that Love which was mine at the Moment of My Ascension – that simply begins to saturate you and your world, and in its natural raising action, one day, helps you to complete the journey of centuries through the distress of this World.

Its wonderful to be able to just draw God’s LOVE into everything that gives Freedom. In giving It to the World, you give It to yourself. It’s the best investment you can ever make!

May you know with every fiber of your Being, that as you give the Love of God to the World, you are giving It to yourselves; because, as It frees the World, your “Presence” frees you.

So, as I give My Love and My Feeling at the Moment of My Ascension, through the Image of Myself into the Energy of your feeling world, I am quite sure you will know that “I AM” Real, “I AM” Tangible, “I AM” Visible and “I AM” Your Friend of Eternity!

If I may assist you through My Love to your Final Victory, I shall be your Friend for Eternity! (Applause)

Thank you, Precious Ones.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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