isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“In the Scandinavian legend, Ymir, the giant, is slain by the sons of Bur, and the streams of blood flowing from his wounds were so copious that the flood drowned the whole race of ice and frost giants, and Bergelmir alone of that race was saved, with his wife, by taking refuge in a bark; which fact permitted him to transmit a new branch of giants from the old stock. But all the sons of Bur remained untouched by the flood.

When the symbolism of this diluvian legend is unraveled, one perceives at once the real meaning of the allegory. The giant Ymir typifies the primitive rude organic matter, the blind cosmical forces, in their chaotic state, before they received the intelligent impulse of the Divine Spirit which set them into a regular motion dependent on immovable laws.

The progeny of Bur are the “sons of God”, or the minor gods mentioned by Plato in the Timaeus, and who were entrusted, as he expresses it, with the creation of men; for we see them taking the mangled remains of Ymir to the Ginnungagap, the chaotic abyss, and employing them for the creation of our world.

His blood goes to form oceans and rivers; his bones, the mountains; his teeth, the rocks and cliffs; his hair, the trees, etc.; while his skull forms the heavenly vault, supported by four pillars representing the four cardinal points.

From the eye-brows of Ymir was created the future abode of man – Midgard. This abode (the earth), says the Edda, in order to be correctly described in all its minute particulars, must be conceived as round as a ring, or a disk, floating in the midst of the Celestial Ocean (Ether). It is encircled by Yormungand, the gigantic Midgard or Earth Serpent, holding its tail in its mouth.

This is the mundane snake, matter and spirit, combined product and emanation of Ymir, the gross rudimental matter, and of the spirit of the “sons of God”, who fashioned and created all forms.

This emanation is the astral light of the Kabalists, and the as yet problematical, and hardly known, aether, or the “hypothetical agent of great elasticity” of our physicists.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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