understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Human opinions do not change the Great Law; but remember your Mighty Victory’s Fiat for this Earth did change many of the activities of the Law for this Earth in a magnificent manner.

Never will mankind be able to pour forth gratitude enough to the Mighty Victory, the Tall Master from Venus, who came once again to render that Mighty Service to this Earth – each fulfilling some part of the Mighty Plan.

Behold! Saint Germain, the Lord of the Violet Ray to this Earth; the Mighty Great Divine Director, the Authority for the Life Streams of mankind; and Beloved Nada, who was instrumental and will be again, in raising civilizations to their height, that wonderful Being whose Wisdom is so great in governmental activities;

Your Mighty Victory, who issued the Fiat for this Earth, changing the activity of the Laws, and who brought forth from the partial Truth the Full Truth to the understanding of mankind, reversing some of the old laws which had been issued for the deception of mankind, no longer to act;

the Goddess of Light, who has rendered a Service to this Earth few Great Beings have rendered; the Goddess of Justice, recalled from deep within the Great Silence, that the Call of the Student Body of America and the World had caused to return, that Divine Justice might once again be established on this Earth;

the Goddess of Purity, who was driven from the Earth by the feelings of mankind in their depravity, has once again been recalled, to wield that Scepter of Power of Purity and re-establish mankind, the Glory of the Perfection of God, Life in Its Purity and Perfection and manifestation through human form;

and your Goddess of Liberty, magnificent beyond words – the Power of the future of America.

Since Her Wisdom was great enough to give Washington that Vision, and since the closing of It said in emphatic terms, THAT IF NECESSARY THAT LIGHT AS OF A THOUSAND SUNS WOULD DESCEND INTO THE EARTH, never forget it; and remember, your acceptance and comprehension of that Great Fiat will enable It to come forth more quickly.

Why not have It come forth before the episode occurs, instead of afterwards.

That is how your Calls, Beloved Ones, the Godhead embodied, may call into action upon the surface of this Earth and hasten the Activity of Perfection, instead of allowing the destructive activities to first act. I want to see your cities preserved in America.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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