understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Great changes will come in your outer physical structure into greater and greater Perfection; but let the natural Law of Life and Its Action cause that to be done, rather than devastation.

Only a few days ago, Saint Germain, with a Group of Us, was looking into some of your industrial activities here. I may not reveal to you what We said, what was determined to be done; but great Transformation must come forth, in simplicity in the perfection of activity.

No person will be the loser of anything, or could be, in the coming forth of this greater Perfection; but mankind outwardly does not understand that. They think, “Oh, my dear, I am losing millions of dollars by it.” Why? By the cumbersome machinery and things like that?

Well, temporarily; but in its place would come that which would compensate for the loss. You know it would be impossible for Life not to compensate for that which we willingly give, and won’t you remember that in your individual life and Call.

Life always compensate.

If something goes out from you, something, as your Beloved Lotus says, ten times better comes back, and you establish the Law.

Dear People, do you understand when the Messengers are calling for ten times more than the financial supply you require for the moment, don’t you see, it is establishing the Law that keeps always on hand that which you require in any emergency?

Of course, Life Itself knows no emergency; but those in limited form do still accept that there are emergencies. As long as that condition exists in the minds of mankind, there must be something to compensate for it and hold the balance.

Now, I would like to go on the rest of the day. You know, Blessed Friends, I feel quite honored to be in your midst with all these distinguished faces. Why do I say that? Oh no, not to flatter you, but because of the Light that is shining through.

Dear People, I perhaps see more than you are aware of, but let that Light go on and shine through until your blessed faces become Luminous with the Glory of Its Mighty Dominion in you human forms and worlds of action. Let It go forth with the Full Power and Victory of the Light.

I thank you and bless you always. (Applause)”

Beloved Mighty Victory

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